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Herbal Infusions Buyers Guide 1

Continuing our buying guide, we will now take a look at Herbal Tea…or as it should be called – Herbal Infusions.

It would be fair to say most Herbal Infusions are not new and have historically come from a place of healing or medicinal purpose. Our ancestors had uses for many flowers, roots and even weeds that remain popular today, although we make no claims about guaranteed healing properties! There is of course not normally smoke without fire!

We will again start by highlighting a few notable values of Herbal Infusions, then suggest a few teas with very different flavour profiles. We’ll begin by considering what all Herbal Infusions have in common.

Caffeine – no

Flavour – Can range from floral to sweet – usually no tannins though so lighter flavours

Oxidised – No

Brewing – Approx 95c for as long as you like – no bitterness should prevail

Milk – Not recommended

Here are five great Herbal Infusions with very different flavour profiles.

Peppermint Infusion (China) – Very fresh, zingy and full of menthol vapours. Often associated with helping digestion. Naturally sweet flavours.

Camomile Flowers (Japan) – Grassy, floral, sweet and honey flavours. For centuries Camomile has been associated with aiding relaxation and sleep.

Lemony Ginger (China) – Zest, citrus, soothing and warming flavours. Ginger has been linked to helping with stomach complaints in the past.

Cherry & raspberry Herbal Infusion (Japan) – A stunning array of dried flowers flavoured with Cherry and Raspberry. Delicate, sweet and great after a tough day!

Lavender Flowers (China) – The perfect tea for those that was a deep floral flavour. Lavender has also been linked for centuries with aiding relaxation when used appropriately.

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