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Scottish White Tea Blog 2017
White Teas - one of the purest teas we have.

Find out more about Scottish White Teas

White Tea is still relatively new to western tea drinking culture. So called, due to the silvery, white downy hairs on the unopened buds of the tea plant, White Tea is increasingly popular due to its low caffeine content, and high levels of anti-oxidant.

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Festive Tea Blog 2017
Find out more about G&Tea and Teasecco

Teasecco and G&TEA Blog 2017

Recently, we showed our faith in the Great British public, and asked YOU to choose a new flavour of tea, inspired by the festive party season. In case you missed that video on our Facebook page, the question was posed – Teasecco or G & Tea?

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Growing Tea in Scotland

Buittle Tea Garden
Garrocher Grey Tea
Dalreoch - Scottish White Tea
Isle of Mull - Scottish Antler Tea
Isle of Lismore Grown in Scotland

Wee Tea Company - Tea Grown in Scotland