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Pyramid Tea Bags Blog
We love our handy Pyramid Tea Bags?

Discover a fine choice of Pyramid Tea Bags

Based on customer feedback we are proud to have launched this collection of premium blends in handy pyramid tea bags.  Great for work or home.

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Tea Buyers Guide to Green Tea Blog
Click Here for Tea Buyers Guide Blog

Tea Buyers Guide to Green Tea

The world of tea has changed….a lot! One need only venture back 2 generations to find (particularly here in the UK), that tea was just….tea. Nowadays, it's all about what tea to choose...

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Growing Tea in Scotland

Buittle Tea Garden
Garrocher Grey Tea
Dalreoch - Scottish White Tea
Isle of Mull - Scottish Antler Tea
Isle of Lismore Grown in Scotland

Wee Tea Company - Tea Grown in Scotland