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Pyramid Tea Bags Blog
We love our handy Pyramid Tea Bags?

Discover a fine choice of Pyramid Tea Bags

Based on customer feedback we are proud to have launched this collection of premium blends in handy pyramid tea bags.  Great for work or home.

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Chocolate Tea Blog
Click Here for Chocolate Tea Blog

Chocolate Teas

When we launched our first Chocolate Teas two years ago – we had no idea just how popular they would become!

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Wee Tea Company Tea Buyers Guides

White Tea Blog
Want to learn about white tea?

White Tea Buyers Guide

Take a look at White Tea. A true tea type, White Tea was first developed centuries ago in China (perhaps as long ago as 1105AD), and is perhaps the tea closest to a freshly plucked tea leaf.

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Green Tea Blog
Want to learn about green tea?

Green Tea Buyers Guide

No-one could argue with the huge surge in popularity of Green Tea in the western word, yet many of us brew this tea slightly wrongly, and don’t get the best impression of the flavour.

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Black Tea Buyers Guide Blog
Want to learn about black tea?

Black Tea Buyers Guide

One need only venture back 2 generations to find (particularly here in the UK), that tea was just….tea. Nowadays, it’s about knowing which tea to choose...

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Herbal Tea Buyers Guide
Want to learn about herbal infusions?

Herbal Infusions

It would be fair to say most Herbal Infusions are not new and have historically come from a place of healing or medicinal purpose. Our ancestors had uses for many flowers, roots and even weeds that remain popular today,

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Oolong Tea Blog
Want to learn about Oolong Teas?

Oolong Tea Buyers Guide

Oolongs tea are generally oxidised to somewhere between 10 and 80% meaning there is huge scope in variety, and consequently flavour. For many, this is part of the attraction of course!

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Fruit Tea Blog
Want to learn about Fruit Teas?

Fruit Tea Buyers Guide

Continuing our buying guide, we will now take a look at Fruit Tea, strictly speaking Fruit Infusions or Tisanes. Fruity teas have surged in popularity over the last few decades, and there is no doubt caffeine avoiders and those keen on sweeter, lighter flavoured hot drinks have helped in the growth of this alternative section of the tea industry.

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