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Wee Tea Company Joins Historic UK Delegation to Headquarters in Amsterdam!
We at the Wee Tea Company are thrilled to share some exciting news with our tea-loving community! Recently, we had the honour of being invited to participate in the first UK delegation to visit the Alibaba Group European Headquarters in Amsterdam.

This groundbreaking opportunity marks a significant milestone for our company and opens up new horizons for our premium tea blends.

Derek Walker, one of the founders of the Wee Tea Company, proudly joined the delegation at Edinburgh Airport, representing some of the finest businesses in Scotland. The journey was made possible thanks to the efforts of Invest Fife, who orchestrated this remarkable opportunity for us to connect with, the largest online business-to-business platform in the world.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Invest Fife for their dedication and support in organising such a successful trip. Their efforts have paved the way for us to explore new avenues for growth and expansion on a global scale.

We would also thank the teams at our hosts and the team at Alioth who will be supporting us on our journey. 

Our goal for this visit is to establish a partnership with that will allow us to become one of the first UK tea companies listed on the Alibaba Wholesale website. This partnership holds immense potential for us to reach more customers across Europe and beyond, connecting with tea enthusiasts who are eager to experience the quality and flavour of our premium tea blends.

We are incredibly excited about the prospect of expanding our presence on the Alibaba platform and driving worldwide sales of our wonderful teas, all lovingly blended here in Scotland. This opportunity aligns perfectly with our mission to share our passion for tea with as many people as possible, and we are eager to see where this partnership will take us.

As we embark on this journey, we invite you to stay tuned for more updates and developments. We can’t wait to share our progress with you as we take strides towards bringing the finest teas from Scotland to your cup, and to tea lovers around the continent and beyond!

Warm regards,

The Wee Tea Company Team 🍵🌍✈️

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