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Fruit Teas and Fruit Infusions

Let’s take a look at Fruit Tea, strictly speaking Fruit Infusions or Tisanes.

Continuing our buying guide, we will now take a look at Fruit Tea, strictly speaking Fruit Infusions or Tisanes. Fruity teas have surged in popularity over the last few decades, and there is no doubt caffeine avoiders and those keen on sweeter, lighter flavoured hot drinks have helped in the growth of this alternative section of the tea industry.

Most fruit teas are created by using dried fruit, roots, peels, flowers and virtually all commercial fruit teas rely on flavouring to offer a true fruity flavoured tea drinking experience. Most berry based fruit infusions are quite acidic, whereas some of our favourite fruit teas don’t have much berry content and are much lower in acid.

We will again start by highlighting a few notable values of Fruit Infusions, then suggest a few teas with very different flavour profiles. We’ll begin by considering what all Fruit Infusions have in common.

Caffeine – No

Flavour – Fruity, sweet, acidic, sour, tangy

Oxidised – No

Brewing – Approx 95c

Milk – Not recommended

Here are five great Fruit Teas with very different flavour profiles. How do you like yours?

Apple Fruit Infusion – Beautiful, sweet and strong apple flavours. Little acidic after-taste with hints of sharp apple too!

Cherry Vanilla Fruit Infusion – Almost Kirsch like flavours! Strong and slightly sour Cherry. The Vanilla adds a sweet element too – think Cherry Bakewell!

Rhubarb Fruit Infusion – Some may remember Rhubarb & Custard sweeties – it’s the only way to describe this tea! Lower in acid. Scrummy!!!

Wild Berry Fruit Infusion – Sharp, sweet and sour flavours. Lots of Strawberry notes, with a deep, full acidic kick!

Mango Mash Up Fruit Infusion – Perhaps the sweetest fruit tea of this selection. A truly tropical taste brought to your tea cup. Divine!

NB – All these fruit teas are fabulous served cold over ice!


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