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Welcome to The Wee Tea Universitea!!

This area  of our site is currently being developed. Our goal is to give you a one stop shop for brewing techniques, tearista training, tea knowledge and what we do at the Wee Tea Plantation.

In the meantime, here are a few TEA FACTS to keep you entertained!



1) If it’s not from the Camellia Sinensis plant – it is not strictly speaking tea! Nowadays a lot of what is called TEA is actually blends of flowers and herbs – herbal infusions to be accurate.

2) Although there are some 2000 or so varieties of tea, it is not the plant that differs, but the way it is grown, where it is grown and what happens to it after the leaves have been picked.

3) Tea if often treated to alter and create new flavours. Popular treatments include spraying with oil, smoking and adding flowers to the blend.

4) It is thought Tea was discovered by accident in China as an Emperor allowed some leaves to remain in a pot of boiling water – which in turn created the brew! And that was over 2000 years ago!

5) The average person in the United Kingdom drinks as much tea as 23 Italians

6) 40% of all fluid drunk in Britain every day is Tea

7) After 5 years it was found that volunteers who drank 375ml of black tea per day had a 43% reduction in the risk of having a heart attack and a 70% reduced risk of having a fatal attack

8) As a nation we enjoy drinking tea on a daily basis, getting through 165 million cups a day.

9) The plant camellia sinensis produces leaves that are loaded with anit-oxidants and vitamin C. It is thought that drinking tea increases flavanoid production in the brain. All good reasons to drink lots of tea!

10) The main tea growing regions of the world are India, Sri Lanka, China, Japan, Taiwan and Africa.

11) Some climatologists believe that as a result of climate change, one day the Scottish Highlands will be the ideal place to grow and harvest tea.

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