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Birds and the Bees Herbal Infusion


Add Brewing Equipment

We recommend in-cup mug infusers for loose leaf tea, stainless steel teabag squeezer for teabags & matching black tea caddies for storing fresh tea.

Birds and the Bees Herbal Blended Infusion
Birds and the Bees Herbal Blended Infusion
Loose Leaf Tea Mug Infuser

You are going to love a cup of

THE BIRDS & THE BEES. Just add a spoonful of real honey!

How would we describe THE BIRDS & THE BEES?
“Introducing “The Birds and the Bees” – the herbal infusion that’ll have you buzzing with delight! Sip this floral wonder, and you’ll be in the mood for some serious flower power. And guess what? It’s like a matchmaking party in your teacup! Just add a spoonful of your favourite honey, and you’ve got the sweetest love affair between your taste buds and nature’s nectar. Talk about a tea-rific love story! So, sit back, relax, and let this delightful blend create some sweet, sweet tea-mance. Honey lovers, you’re gonna be buzzing for more!”


Just add a spoonful of your favourite honey!

Enjoy this bright herbal infusion by adding in a teaspoon of real delicious honey. If you’re a fan of the sweet fruity caffeine-free flavours then another tea that might interest you is our award winning Rhubarb Rooibos. We highly recommend a visit to the Signet Library Edinburgh who do the most delicious Afternoon Tea! Find out more HERE.  

See Our Brewing Solutions:

Magic Tea Pot for Brewing Loose Leaf TeaMug InfuserFor Life Loose Leaf Teapot with Infuser  
Camomile, Rooibos, Rose Petals, Jasmine Flowers, Lemongrass, Safflower, Marigolds, Blue Cornflowers, Pink Cornflowers.
Use 1 Teaspoon per cup – Great hot or cooled and poured over ice
This herbal infusion just needs a spoonful of honey to create tea magic.
Treat yourself

"Herbal delight—herbs, flowers, and nature's harmony in a cup!"


Fruit & Herbal Infusion


Does not contain caffeine


3-5 Minutes




Multi Origin


You Brew and Have your Say…