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The world of tea has changed….a lot!

One need only venture back 2 generations to find (particularly here in the UK), that tea was just….tea. Nowadays, it’s about knowing which tea to choose – because the selection available to us is literally overwhelming! Recently we overheard a conversation about an experience in a wine store, where the member of staff took real interest in what flavour profiles the customer wanted to experience to help guide the customer to choosing the right bottle of wine. Great customer service! In many ways the same can be done with tea. This series of blogs on “knowing your tea” might just help guide you – we’ll do our best!

Starting with Black Tea, we are going to highlight a few notable values of Black Tea, and then highlight a few teas with very different flavour profiles. We’ll begin by considering what all Black Teas have in common.

Caffeine – yes

Flavour – Generally full flavoured

Oxidised – fully

Brewing – generally 95c and for 2/3 minutes depending on strength desired.

Milk – Most Black Tea can handle a spot of milk

Here are five great, famous Black Teas with very different flavour profiles. How do you like yours?

Assam (India) – Bold, malty and earthy robust flavours

Ceylon (Sri-Lanka) – Bright, sharp, lighter and more astringent flavours

Keemun (China) – Earthy, rounded and slightly smoky flavours

Darjeeling (India) – Fresh, nutty and almost floral aromatic flavours

Lapsang Souchong (China) – Lingering, smoky and peaty flavours.


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