Seasons of LoveSeasons of Love


The days are drawing out and we are on the path to Spring!

The longest days of Winter have passed and something starts stirring in our souls as the prospect of Spring approaches.

In Scotland, we are lucky to celebrate the life of our beloved Robert Burns at this time of year, which is perhaps the perfect pre-cursor to our Valentine’s celebrations. Burns and Romance are a bit like Bacon & Eggs, or Cheese & Wine…or Tea & Roses!!

But where does Tea fit into romance? Here are a few of our thoughts..

1) Green Tea can help with oral hygiene – making smooching more pleasant for all concerned!

2) Tea can make a thoughtful gift – a stunning tea gift might just help with a little mood enhancement

3) Afternoon Tea, Spa, Massage,…you know where this is going!

4) Rooibos Tea and Ooolong Tea have both been linked to increased libido!

5) Tea with Roses could make the perfect non-alcoholic drink for TeaTotallers!

Our top teas for the season of love would have to be:

Scottish Rose Smoked Tea – Perfect for Burns night, or as a stunning tea gift for Valentines

Darjeeling & Rose Tea – A delicate and refreshing brew with a hint of floral romance

Scottish Rose Peony Tea – Tea grown among and blended with peony roses in the Scottish Lowlands.


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