The First Flush Dalreoch 2017

Exploring first flush tea.

First First Dalreoch 2017

In last week’s blog, we were discussing the impact Spring has on tea and tea blending.

We were thrilled to receive a limited batch of a very special tea last week. The first flush of White Tea from Dalreoch Tea Garden and The Wee Tea Plantation.

For those who are unsure, what exactly is first flush tea though?

Essentially, the first flush is the first picking of the earliest new growth at the start of the harvest season. Generally, in the tea world, Darjeeling has been famed for their exquisite first tea of the season for many years.

The first flush will fetch a premium, and is often sought after amidst tea buyers.

The tea plant (camellia sinensis) will effectively hibernate for a spell during the depths of winter, but spring back into life from around the middle of February. This is particularly true in harsher growing climates, but the result, is a first flush tea to be celebrated following that first picking.

It is likely, that as the picking season continues, the subsequent flushes or harvests will produce different flavours as the season progresses. It is generally considered that the first flush, will produce more delicate and fresh flavours though.

With that in mind, we are overjoyed to be able to offer you the chance to enjoy Dalreoch First Flush White Tea 2017. It has been wonderful to watch the progress and development of teas produced by the Dalreoch Tea Garden, and this first harvest of 2017 certainly doesn’t disappoint.

This 2017 first flush offers some unexpected treats, and shows developing maturity in select leaves from the Dalreoch Tea Garden. All the tastes we want in first class White Tea are in abundance. Sweet notes of peach, melon and a certain nuttiness. However, this harvest has produced flavours that are distinct beyond that. Initially, there are hints of pine, vanilla and grape, which are beyond silky and smooth. The lingering profiles are very much brighter flavours of citrus, lemon and honey. The unique Scottish terroir has produced another true delight.

Dalreoch First Flush 2017

Water Temp – 75c

Brew Time – 2 mins

Colour - Golden Yellow Liquor

Leaves – Large, fragile, tippy - handle with care

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