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Gin Tea and Prosecco Tea Offer

Let the FestiviTEAS begin!

Recently, we showed our faith in the Great British public, and asked YOU to choose a new flavour of tea, inspired by the festive party season. In case you missed that video on our Facebook page, the question was posed – Teasecco or G & Tea?

A Prosecco flavoured Green Tea, or a Gin & Tonic with a slice flavoured Black Tea?

We were very grateful for the excellent response to our question – but there was no clear winner! Clearly many of you were excited about the prospect of Prosecco, and many more were grinning about the Gin!

So what could we do??

Nothing else for it – we will bring both teas to market – especially for you, chosen by you - for this festive season!

Teasecco uses Green Tea as a base tea, which is then flavoured with Prosecco, and blended with apple pieces and rose petals. Lovely sweet, delicate flavours balanced evenly to leave the fruity notes of Prosecco dancing around your palate.

Teasecco - Prosecco Tea

Teasecco - Prosseco inspired Tea

OR we thought you might opt for a classic G & Tea? Black Tea is at the base of this blend, with a good measure of strong juniper coming through from the Gin flavour. All wrapped up with a hint of lemon. Sweet and herbal notes also exude from the addition of some Lemongrass. Inspired!

Gin and Tonic Tea - G&T

G&Tea - Gin and Tonic inspired Tea

The best news is of course that both teas are completely TeaTotal! Mince pies, Christmas Cake, Turkey sandwiches, Teasecco and a G & Tea – a perfect Christmas Tea Party!!

So, could a party season tea be the perfect Christmas gift for tea lovers everywhere?


The Wee Team

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