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Earlier this year we were lucky to have had a fabulous guest Blog from Jill Bair, all about Mother’s Day. Perhaps this could be our reply to the lassies??

Ah…Father’s Day..the day all Daddies feel wrapped in cotton wool, wake up to a hearty cooked breakfast and spend the day doing all the things they love! After a lovely long-lie, it’s off to breakfast. A feast prepared specially by those most cherished of people, washed down with a mug of brew (Wee Tea of course!).

Then it’s off to the living room for a ceremony of opening the Father’s Day gifts, getting cosy in the goonie and enjoying the warmth of the baffies on our feet (while playing with new toy and sipping another mug of brew – still Wee Tea of course).

A longer than normal shower/bath follows, which in turn prompts the desire to spruce up a bit before lunch. Smelling good – feeling good! An afternoon of fun and games follows as we indulge in the most grown up of pursuits, never once having MORE fun than the kids of course!

As evening beckons a further feast appears as if by magic, which goes down particularly well today as no dishes need washed following it, before a relaxing evening ensues leaving us feeling refreshed and ready for the week ahead…………………

But before all that…..there may be a few runs in the car required, the grass to cut, the windows to wash, the leaky tap to tighten,

another few runs in the car, couple of work emails, some laundry to hang out, fix the tyre on the kids bike…time for breakfast yet????

Indeed – life is hectic and the modern man is ready and able, no matter what day of the year, to do his part in forming the team required for effective parenthood!

So even if the dream scenario seems a little far-fetched, amidst the noise and haste – what better way to spoil Dad than make him a nice, relaxing – even special cup of tea? So here are our top Father’s Day Tea Gift ideas for making Father’s Day a little more amazing!


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