Easter Tea Blog 2018Easter Tea Blog 2018


Normally at this time of year, we shout a bit more about Chocolate flavour teas in the run up to Easter.

These teas are available as always, and really can make a fabulous alternative to Chocolate as an Easter Tea Gift. This year, we decided to develop an Easter Tea blend. As is always the case when blending, the starting point is to think about what flavour profiles might match up with the season!

Easter Tea 2018

With Easter being a Spring festival, we looked to develop a tea that had Spring written all over it. For many of us, Spring means youth, new birth, awakenings and colour! So we set out to develop a tea blend with delicate flavours and bright floral colours. In the end we decided on a black tea base, with lemon as the uplifting and bright flavour addition.

With so many striking leafs and petals to choose from, we eventually decided on two colours – orange and blue. The shape of the tea leaves paired perfectly with Safflower petals and Blue Cornflower petals. The final addition, was a little lemon peel, to round of a perfectly balanced blend. So there you are – Easter Tea! A Black Tea blended with flowers and citurs flavours to help put a Spring back in your step this Easter!


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