A New Year - A New YouHappy New Year 2018


So how are the New Year’s resolutions going?

Did you make any life changing decisions as we venture forth into 2018? Or is “Dry January” your preferred path to follow as we all attempt to shake off the over indulgence of the festive season and get ready for the year ahead? Can Tea be an integral part of your new found motivation for a healthy, happy lifestyle? We’d certainly like to think so!

There is little doubt that certain teas and infusions are regularly linked to research that backs up theories on the health properties of tea. Green Tea and White Tea are perhaps the Teas most often linked to health and wellbeing – this is largely down to high antioxidant content, and the presence of beneficial polyphenols. Many infusions are also famous for their reported health benefits – such as Peppermint for aiding digestion and bloating, or Camomile for inducing feelings of calm and relaxation. Rooibos tea is also reportedly high in antioxidant and Vitamin C content.

So what we would recommend? If you are opting to go healthy as this New Year gets under way – we’d suggest any of our Green Teas, White Teas, Peppermint and Rooibos Infusions are the way to go! As part of a healthy lifestyle, and while you are in the right mind set, perhaps now is the time to explore some new flavours and ring in the changes that will help form new tea drinking habits to support all the hard work you are already doing!


The Wee Team

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