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Brewing White Tea

It’s time to recap on our #brewdaytuesday feature on brewing White Tea. Not the most straight forward tea to make, there are a few hints and tips to follow that will help you prepare a perfect pot of White Tea. Remember, you can pop over to our Facebook page and watch the videos at any time.

White Tea is still relatively new to western tea drinking culture. So called, due to the silvery, white downy hairs on the unopened buds of the tea plant, White Tea is increasingly popular due to its low caffeine content, and high levels of anti-oxidants. White Tea is generally the most delicately flavoured brew in the family, and is famous for light, sweet, fruity and slightly nutty, earthy flavours.

White Tea leaves are generally delicate, and require careful handling and even more careful brewing.

In our #brewdaytuesday feature, we used Scottish grown Dalreoch White Tea, Rose Peony Tea and Chinese Mao Feng Tea. This was to showcase three very different White Teas, each offering quite different flavour profiles.

1) Use water at approximately 75C – NEVER boiling water.

2) Brew for 2-3 mins.

3) Use 1 teaspoon of tea per cup you are making (2 cup pot = 2 teaspoons of tea)

4) If possible use equipment that allows leaves to be removed after desired steeping

Try to avoid stewing White Tea to enjoy the best flavours.

Try to avoid over brewing your White Tea to release the sweet, delicate flavours.

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The teas used in our #brewdaytuesday video were:

Dalreoch White

A. Dalreoch White

A treat from Perthshire! Beautiful large leaves processed with love and care – a jewel in Scotland’s crown. Stunning flavours of peach, with a hint of earthy nuttiness, wrapped up perfectly with notes of pine and citrus.

Rose Peony Tea

B. Rose Peony Tea

One of the newest teas from Scotland’s Tea gardens. The Buittle Garden in Dumfries and Galloway has dried their tea and rose petals together to offer stunning hints of Turkish delight dancing along with the delicate, fruity White Tea.

Mao Feng

C. Mao Feng

An entry level Chinese White Tea. This particular white tea is slightly stronger than finer white teas, and offers slightly deeper flavours and hints of astringency. On the brink of being a Green Tea, brew carefully to enjoy the sweet, earthy flavours.


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