Top Teas(e) for Valentine’s Day 2017

With less than two weeks till Valentine’s Day, we thought it might be useful to consider what would be our top recommendations for Valentine’s Day Teas. 


As well as making a wonderful and attractive gift for that special someone, tea could also perhaps form part of your special evening! Some of these teas are here for their obvious romantic links. After all, who doesn’t think Roses at the very mention of Valentine’s Day?

All of our recommendations come with sensual and delicate flavours in mind though. You never know – some of these gems might turn out to be the perfect aphroteasiac!

Please enjoy our wee overview of Top Tease for Valentine’s Day!

1) Scottish Rose Smoked Tea - Click to Buy

Stunning large Scottish Black Tea leaves offer malty yet delicate flavours. Far from overpowering, but definitely balanced and clean. The addition of the rose petals offers a very delicate floral bouquet which complements the tea. The tea has been lightly smoked as part of its final processing, which just rounds of a perfect mouthful of Scottish Highland romance. The consummate Valentine’s Tea!

Packaging An attractive wooden chest of tea. 45g contained within.

Price £18.95 (free home delivery UK)

2) Luxury Leaf Tea Selection - Click to Buy

Five classic flavours, perfectly packaged for the tea enthusiast. Take your pick from Breakfast Tea, Earl Grey Blue Flower, Peppermint, Rooibos and Green Tea. A brilliant and attractive selection box of tea containing favourites for tea lovers.

Packaging An attractive embossed white selection box of tea (15 pyramids)

Price £9.95

3) Darjeeling and Rose - Click to Buy

Darjeeling is often considered the Champagne of Tea. This classic Wee Tea blend takes the delicate flavours of the Himalayan Mountains, and adds the romance and delicacy of rose petals. Brew gently and enjoy a sumptuous, smooth and decadent treat.

Packaging A Wee Box of Tea (75g)

Price £4.95

4) Earl Grey and Blue Flower Tea - Click to Buy

Firstly, this Tea has flowers in it. Secondly, it refers to a Mr Grey (The Earl Grey that is). What are imaginations for????...right?Great infused with Gin, to perhaps add a little spice to your Valentine’s night!

Packaging A Wee Box of Tea (75g)

Price £4.95

5) Rooibos and Vanilla - Click to Buy

It could be coincidence, but we recently picked up an article on the Aphrodisiac qualities of Rooibos!!! Let’s be clear – this could be total gossip! It wasn’t exactly the British Medical Journal!

However – for fun, we have added Rooibos to our list. You just never know!

Packaging A Wee Box of Tea (75g)

Price £4.95

Whatever you are planning this Valentine’s Day,

please have fun and enjoy including Tea in your celebrations.

In the words of Honore de Balzac the French novelist and playwright (The French are after all the masters of l’amour);

“Great love affairs start with Champagne and end with tisane”


The Wee Tea...m

There is always a tea in team.


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