Teas for Springtime 2017.

Has Spring Sprung? Of course not – well not here in Scotland anyway!

Teas for Springtime 2017

Towards the end of last year, we wrote an article about winter tea blends and how fabulous it is to take the big spicy, warming flavours of winter, and blend them into festive treats.

Right now at Wee Tea HQ we start getting excited about the months ahead, and how we start blending differently and with more delicate flavours in mind.

Tea Gardens around the world are bursting into life right about now, and first flush tea is being plucked from now through to April. Undoubtedly, taste buds change too! As the afternoons stretch out just that little bit longer, and mornings don’t seem quite so dark – perhaps we can start to think about lighter, fruitier and more delicate flavours for the season ahead.

With Mother’s Day on the horizon, and Easter not too far away, we will certainly be looking to develop and blend some tastes for the season.

The requests we get from customers here at Wee Tea HQ can often be amazing, and only last week one particular customer was clearly thinking ahead to Spring flavours, when they asked if we could blend some Green Tea, Camomile, Cinnamon and Fruity flavours. Our initial reaction was – are you sure? Swiftly followed by – let’s have a bash! In the end there were three teas on the table that all really worked!!

With that in mind, we are reaching out to you!!! What flavours would you like to see on offer this spring? Any requests for teas you haven’t seen from us before? What blends do you think could make a perfect spring cuppa?

Indeed – let’s go one further…if you email us your suggestion for the perfect Mother’s Day brew we will endeavour to consider all ideas, attempt the blends, and pick a winner.

The closest suggestion to our Mother’s Day Brew will receive a free packet of the blend and a Magic Teapot to gift to someone special …sound fair?? All ideas to blender@weeteacompany.com.

Before we start looking for the daffs popping up – there is a saying here in Scotland…. “Ne’er cast a clout, till May is out”…..or wait till May to put away the winter clothes! So don’t be too quick to put away the Ginger Chai just yet!!!

Happy Slurping!

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