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What better way to bring in 2017 and look forward to more exciting seasonal events, than to consider teas ideal for the season? Scottish grown Rose Smoked Tea is just wonderful as we enter a new year, and then consider the celebration of Rabbie Burns, Scotland’s most famous poet, and venture forth into February with l’amour on our minds as we approach Valentine’s Day.

Rose Smoked Tea

Rose Smoked Tea was first blended in the winter of 2015, and has proven to be extremely popular all year round. However, the delicate rose petals add romance to the tea,

Rose Smoked Tea

and the peaty smoke aroma offers memories of January evenings round a coal fire with Haggis, Neeps and Tatties on our minds, sheltering from the often cold and blustery Scottish January we all love. The stunning large Scottish Black Tea leaves at the heart of the blend offer malty flavours. Not too strong but definitely balanced and clean.

The addition of the rose petals offers a very delicate floral bouquet, far from over powering, instead complimentary to the tea. The tea has been lightly smoked as part of its final processing, which just rounds of a perfect mouthful of Scottish Highland romance. Dalreoch Rose Smoked Tea is perhaps the consummate drink for the time of year. Perfect as a romantic gift, or ideal as a truly Scottish end to the Burns Supper.

The Wee Tea...m
There is always a tea in team.

Packaging: An attractive wooden chest of tea.

Contents:  45g contained within the box

Price £18.95 (free home delivery)

Brewing: Heat freshly-drawn water to 90ºC, use one generous teaspoonful of tea per person and brew for 2-3 minutes.

Caffeine: Yes

Allergens: No

INGREDIENTS Smoked Scottish Black Tea, Rose Petals

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