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Ah, Mother’s Day – I can picture it now. I’ll wake up to the sun lighting up my bedroom on a mild spring morning, the sounds from the kitchen telling me that my adoring child is busy preparing a lovely breakfast which he brings to me in bed on a tray; perfectly browned toast, Earl grey tea, a little bowl of strawberries, plus a home-made card announcing just how much he loves and appreciates me.
And then I wake up from that delicious dream, and find my teenager dead to the world and unlikely to get out of bed this side of noon, the kitchen bares the tell-tale signs of a midnight feast, but at least he’s tidied his room judging by the mountain of washing on the floor and dishes in the sink.
If I could choose a Mother’s Day gift it would be to have a few more hours in the day, and to feel a little less stressed. We are all guilty of trying to pack loads into the day; housework, laundry, gardening, work, kids, shopping, cooking, friends, family, leisure activities – there sometimes just aren’t enough hours. And what do we do when we get a little down time? We sit down with a cuppa. Yet caffeine, which tea and coffee are both high in, increases our levels of cortisol, one of the body’s stress hormones. Just what we need, to feel more stressed!
So I decided to have a look around for some caffeine free options that are a bit more interesting than run of the mill decaffeinated teas and coffees. A lot of the fruit infusions that I tried smelled amazing,
but they just didn’t taste of anything, no matter how long I let them brew for.They also looked a bit like bags of dust. I needed something with a bit more punch to it to make me want to switch from my regular tea. I now have a bit of an addiction to The Wee Tea Company Lemony Ginger tea. It has 3 of my favourite flavours all packed into a gorgeous little silk pyramid teabag – lemongrass, ginger and liquorice. Heavenly. The ginger leaves a lovely warmth at the back of your throat, the lemongrass gives it a really nice tang without making it taste like a cold and flu remedy, and the liquorice adds a touch of sweetness to just round it all off, it’s absolutely delicious. Smells AND tastes divine, and you can see all the chunky bits in the bag – no dust! I found this flavour especially nice at bedtime, it gave me a really comforting warm glow before I went to sleep. It’s also in a really smart looking caffeine free tea selection box along with a couple of other flavours that would certainly make this mummy happy on Mother’s Day if it appeared alongside that home-made card and tasty breakfast, hint…hint…!
Another favourite, which is also in the gift box, is Rhubarb Rooibos. I LOVE rhubarb. Rhubarb rock, rhubarb crumble, just rhubarb – and this tea makes me think of rhubarb and custard. Again, you can see the pieces of fruit and the lovely red rooibos tea in the bag. I let the tea brew for about 4-5 minutes and the flavour and smell were lovely, very rhubarby.
A nice sour note from the fruit is balanced out by a really pleasant vanilla flavour, making it seem almost creamy, just like rhubarb and custard. Since 2 out of 3 in the box had tickled my taste buds, I was really looking forward to trying the last one, Wild Berry.
Wow! This is my new morning cuppa! It makes a beautiful deep purple infusion, bursting with zingy but sweet fruity flavours and reminded me of hot blackcurrant drinks my own mum would make for me when I was a little girl, wonderful! The chunks of pink and red and purple fruit in the bag smelled delicious before I had even poured the hot water in, like little sweets. The tea itself woke my mouth up with a fabulous berry blast, really tasty.
We mums really appreciate a little present, and as much as I love a scented candle or a box of chocolates, I’d be absolutely thrilled to get this box of teas as an unusual Mother’s Day gift with a difference. There are 5 of each flavour in the box, plenty of relaxing cups of tea for your amazing mum (or treat yourself!). I’d quite happily put my feet up for ten minutes and unwind with any one of these caffeine free tea options. I have enough stress already, I don’t need my cuppa making me feel more wound up.
Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums out there, have a lovely day.

Jill Blair

Mum, Guest Blogger and Tea Lover

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