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In case you weren’t able to join us live on Facebook yesterday, we launched the first in a series of #BrewdayTuesday live feeds that are aimed at giving some straight forward hints and tips to help with brewing your favourite teas.

The focus of this week’s #brewdaytuesday was Green Tea. One of the questions we are most commonly asked is “how do you make Green Tea? Aren’t there different rules?”

The reality is that as Green Tea has increased in popularity in Western cultures, little time has been given to actually learning how to prepare it.

Over the last two decades Green Tea has received a huge amount of publicity in relation to the associated health benefits. Due to this, many of the world’s very large tea blenders have provided Green Tea in the easy format of teabags. The downside of this is that people often prepare the tea the same way they would make their everyday brew – boiling water, steep for 3 minutes. The result of this type of brewing will often be a very bitter and disappointing experience.

TWO simple adjustments we can make!

1) Use water at approximately 85C – either leave your kettle to cool after boiling or catch it on the way up!

2) Brew for ONLY 1.5 to 2 mins – but remember to get multiple uses of the leaves.

Making these changes can result in a much more amicable Green Tea drinking experience. Green Tea will often have delicate and almost fruity tones, but they are lost if boiling water is poured over the leaves – it literally scalds them.

Check out our Facebook page to watch the full video now. Click Here.

Facebook Live Green Tea

The teas used in our #brewdaytuesday video were:

Gunpowder Green Tea

A. Gunpowder Green Tea

Classic Chinese Green Tea. Delicate, with hints of smoke and pepper.

Isle of Lismore Grown in Scotland

B. Scottish Isle of Lismore Sencha

A stunning new tea from one of Scotland’s newest tea Gardens.

Japanese Sencha Green Tea

C. Japanese Sencha

Fresh, vibrant, grassy flavours commonly associated with Japanese Green Tea.


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