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It seems that there really is a tea for every season, and there is certainly tea in Easter - you just remove an s, an e and an r!! (sorry!)
Chocolate eggs, Easter feasts and a mug of tea – sound good?
Or could a mug of your favourite brew offer the solace required amidst the hustle and bustle of Easter egg hunts and family gatherings?
How about celebrating Easter with a mug of chocolate flavoured tea?..even better? Hang on - tea and chocolate in the same cup..really?
We have spoken before about tea blending and coming up with flavours and ideas. In all honesty, the first time we came across a chocolate flavoured tea,
the idea just seemed all wrong – certainly a challenge for the tea purist! Within a few weeks of first seeing chocolate flavoured tea, we started getting enquiries about Chocolate Tea – time to get on the hunt (not of the egg variety) and do some research!
In reality, sourcing and creating Chocolate Tea blends turned out to be a lot fun, and the results were very surprising. Creating the right balance of sweet, bitter, spice and fruit is always the ultimate blending challenge. Black Tea is perfect for a slightly more bitter chocolate flavour, whereas Green Tea needs a more subtle chocolate influence, Rooibos loves sweeter, malty chocolate flavours.
Last year we launched special Easter Tea tin caddies of our three favourite chocolate tea blends, and they were so popular, that we are doing exactly the same this year.
Chocolate and Tea may not be two words you ever expected to find describing a brew, but believe us when we say – the results are really astounding. If our Master Blender could be swayed, anyone could be swayed! And perhaps, just maybe – a chocolate tea may provide an Easter gift with a few less calories!!
So here you are – See below for our top three Chocolate Teas for Easter (TEAster)!


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