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In case you missed our #brewdaytuesday live feed on making Black Tea, we have prepared this Blog to offer some information and hints on making a great brew! Please remember you can pop over to our Facebook page and watch the videos at any time.

Black Tea is the type of tea most of us in the UK will be most familiar with, and in particular, we may all have blends or brands that we love and feel loyal to. Our traditional Black Tea brew is at the heart of our celebrated tea drinking culture.

The reality is that many of us have generations of knowledge passed down on how Tea should be made – and we would hate to interfere!

However, if you were in the mood to explore, or fancied a shift to loose tea - perhaps there are a few hints here to help you make a brilliant cuppa!

In our #brewdaytuesday feed we used Breakfast Tea, Darjeeling Tea and Scottish grown Garrocher Grey Tea. This was to showcase the variety, types and flavours of Black tea available to us. If you are unsure about using loose leaf tea:

1) Use water at approximately 95C – just off the boil

2) Brew for 2-3 mins – depending how strong you like your tea

3) Use 1 teaspoon of tea per cup you are making (2 cup pot = 2 teaspoons of tea)

4) If possible use equipment that allows leaves to be removed after desired steeping

Try to avoid stewing Black Tea to enjoy the best flavours.

Check out our Facebook page to watch the full video now. Click Here.

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The teas used in our #brewdaytuesday video were:

Breakfast Tea

A. Breakfast Tea

Real Tea. Tea the way it used to be! You can take yourself back to days gone by, enjoying our blend of Assam and Ceylon Tea.

Darjeeling Tea

B. Darjeeling Tea

Beautiful fresh Darjeeling. The Champagne of Tea from the Himalayas. Earthy flavours with a hint of nuttiness. Classic afternoon tea!

Garrocher Grey Tea

C. Garrocher Grey Tea

Garrocher Grey Tea is a unique take on traditional Earl Grey by virtue of scented Monarda petals.  As Scotland's first Black Tea it is aromatic and complex. A real treat!


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