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Seasons of Love

Thursday, 4 January 2018 08:00:00 Europe/London

Seasons of LoveSeasons of Love


The days are drawing out and we are on the path to Spring!

The longest days of Winter have passed and something starts stirring in our souls as the prospect of Spring approaches.

In Scotland, we are lucky to celebrate the life of our beloved Robert Burns at this time of year, which is perhaps the perfect pre-cursor to our Valentine’s celebrations. Burns and Romance are a bit like Bacon & Eggs, or Cheese & Wine…or Tea & Roses!!

But where does Tea fit into romance? Here are a few of our thoughts..

1) Green Tea can help with oral hygiene – making smooching more pleasant for all concerned!

2) Tea can make a thoughtful gift – a stunning tea gift might just help with a little mood enhancement

3) Afternoon Tea, Spa, Massage,…you know where this is going!

4) Rooibos Tea and Ooolong Tea have both been linked to increased libido!

5) Tea with Roses could make the perfect non-alcoholic drink for TeaTotallers!

Our top teas for the season of love would have to be:

Scottish Rose Smoked Tea – Perfect for Burns night, or as a stunning tea gift for Valentines

Darjeeling & Rose Tea – A delicate and refreshing brew with a hint of floral romance

Scottish Rose Peony Tea – Tea grown among and blended with peony roses in the Scottish Lowlands.


The Wee Team

There's always a tea in team.

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New Year 2018

Monday, 1 January 2018 08:00:00 Europe/London

A New Year - A New YouHappy New Year 2018


So how are the New Year’s resolutions going?

Did you make any life changing decisions as we venture forth into 2018? Or is “Dry January” your preferred path to follow as we all attempt to shake off the over indulgence of the festive season and get ready for the year ahead? Can Tea be an integral part of your new found motivation for a healthy, happy lifestyle? We’d certainly like to think so!

There is little doubt that certain teas and infusions are regularly linked to research that backs up theories on the health properties of tea. Green Tea and White Tea are perhaps the Teas most often linked to health and wellbeing – this is largely down to high antioxidant content, and the presence of beneficial polyphenols. Many infusions are also famous for their reported health benefits – such as Peppermint for aiding digestion and bloating, or Camomile for inducing feelings of calm and relaxation. Rooibos tea is also reportedly high in antioxidant and Vitamin C content.

So what we would recommend? If you are opting to go healthy as this New Year gets under way – we’d suggest any of our Green Teas, White Teas, Peppermint and Rooibos Infusions are the way to go! As part of a healthy lifestyle, and while you are in the right mind set, perhaps now is the time to explore some new flavours and ring in the changes that will help form new tea drinking habits to support all the hard work you are already doing!


The Wee Team

There's always a tea in team.

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Festiviteas Blog

Wednesday, 27 September 2017 08:00:00 Europe/London

Teasecco and G&Tea Party Season Tea!Festive Tea Blog 2017


Gin Tea and Prosecco Tea Offer

Let the FestiviTEAS begin!

Recently, we showed our faith in the Great British public, and asked YOU to choose a new flavour of tea, inspired by the festive party season. In case you missed that video on our Facebook page, the question was posed – Teasecco or G & Tea?

A Prosecco flavoured Green Tea, or a Gin & Tonic with a slice flavoured Black Tea?

We were very grateful for the excellent response to our question – but there was no clear winner! Clearly many of you were excited about the prospect of Prosecco, and many more were grinning about the Gin!

So what could we do??

Nothing else for it – we will bring both teas to market – especially for you, chosen by you - for this festive season!

Teasecco uses Green Tea as a base tea, which is then flavoured with Prosecco, and blended with apple pieces and rose petals. Lovely sweet, delicate flavours balanced evenly to leave the fruity notes of Prosecco dancing around your palate.

Teasecco - Prosecco Tea

Teasecco - Prosseco inspired Tea

OR we thought you might opt for a classic G & Tea? Black Tea is at the base of this blend, with a good measure of strong juniper coming through from the Gin flavour. All wrapped up with a hint of lemon. Sweet and herbal notes also exude from the addition of some Lemongrass. Inspired!

Gin and Tonic Tea - G&T

G&Tea - Gin and Tonic inspired Tea

The best news is of course that both teas are completely TeaTotal! Mince pies, Christmas Cake, Turkey sandwiches, Teasecco and a G & Tea – a perfect Christmas Tea Party!!

So, could a party season tea be the perfect Christmas gift for tea lovers everywhere?


The Wee Team

There's always a tea in team.

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White Tea Blog

Wednesday, 30 August 2017 08:00:00 Europe/London

Brewing White Tea – Scotland Leads the Way!White Tea Blog 2017


White Tea Platter

Brewing White Tea

It’s time to recap on our #brewdaytuesday feature on brewing White Tea. Not the most straight forward tea to make, there are a few hints and tips to follow that will help you prepare a perfect pot of White Tea. Remember, you can pop over to our Facebook page and watch the videos at any time.

White Tea is still relatively new to western tea drinking culture. So called, due to the silvery, white downy hairs on the unopened buds of the tea plant, White Tea is increasingly popular due to its low caffeine content, and high levels of anti-oxidants. White Tea is generally the most delicately flavoured brew in the family, and is famous for light, sweet, fruity and slightly nutty, earthy flavours.

White Tea leaves are generally delicate, and require careful handling and even more careful brewing.

In our #brewdaytuesday feature, we used Scottish grown Dalreoch White Tea, Rose Peony Tea and Chinese Mao Feng Tea. This was to showcase three very different White Teas, each offering quite different flavour profiles.

1) Use water at approximately 75C – NEVER boiling water.

2) Brew for 2-3 mins.

3) Use 1 teaspoon of tea per cup you are making (2 cup pot = 2 teaspoons of tea)

4) If possible use equipment that allows leaves to be removed after desired steeping

Try to avoid stewing White Tea to enjoy the best flavours.

Try to avoid over brewing your White Tea to release the sweet, delicate flavours.

Check out our Facebook page to watch the full video now. Click Here.

Facebook Live WhiteTea

The teas used in our #brewdaytuesday video were:

Dalreoch White

A. Dalreoch White

A treat from Perthshire! Beautiful large leaves processed with love and care – a jewel in Scotland’s crown. Stunning flavours of peach, with a hint of earthy nuttiness, wrapped up perfectly with notes of pine and citrus.

Rose Peony Tea

B. Rose Peony Tea

One of the newest teas from Scotland’s Tea gardens. The Buittle Garden in Dumfries and Galloway has dried their tea and rose petals together to offer stunning hints of Turkish delight dancing along with the delicate, fruity White Tea.

Mao Feng

C. Mao Feng

An entry level Chinese White Tea. This particular white tea is slightly stronger than finer white teas, and offers slightly deeper flavours and hints of astringency. On the brink of being a Green Tea, brew carefully to enjoy the sweet, earthy flavours.


The Wee Team

There's always a tea in team.

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Comments | Posted in September 2017 By Wee Tea Company

Scottish Teas 2017

Friday, 14 July 2017 08:00:00 Europe/London

Scottish Teas Blog 2017Scottish Tea Blog 2017

Drink Scottish Tea

Scottish Teas 2017

As we have mentioned in previous Blogs, this is such a great time of year in the Tea industry. As Spring ends and Summer starts, Tea plants are flushing, and plucking and processing is well under way. This is as true in Scotland, as it is in any Tea Growing region of the world – and there have been some wonderful developments this year already!

So far this Spring, there has been real excitement at WeeTea HQ as we have been receiving first flushes and indeed new teas from Scotland’s Tea Gardens. Indeed, we were even fortunate enough to have a quick lesson in Matcha making – a real treat! Best left to the experts though!!

We thought we would take this opportunity to bring these teas together in this Blog, and give you a bit of an overview of some of the teas produced this season so far.

Isle of Mull - Matcha

It is a joy to know that since harvesting their first flush of 2017, Isle of Mull Teas have continued to make their now famous Matcha. Matcha is a super-concentrated green tea made by finely grinding the tea leaves into a bright green powder that is famed for high levels of antioxidants and nutrients.

You can expect deep vegetal notes from this Matcha. Smelling the tea before brewing offers aromas of beautiful, fresh, almost salt-water tones. On tasting, expect sweet vegetal flavours, a hint of pepper and a tiny bit of smoke. The slight bitter edge that follows the initial sweet, offers refreshment and is light on the palate.


Dalreoch Teas

Dalreoch - First Flush White Tea 2017

The Dalreoch Tea Garden continues to produce teas of sublime quality. This year’s first flush of White tea has been consistently outstanding, and continues to impress tea enthusiasts the world over. All the tastes we want in first class White Tea are in abundance. Sweet notes of peach, melon and a certain nuttiness. However, this harvest has produced flavours that are distinct beyond that. Initially, there are hints of pine, vanilla and grape, which are beyond silky and smooth. The lingering profiles are very much brighter flavours of citrus, lemon and honey. The unique Scottish terroir has produced another true delight.


Ecclefechan Oolong Tea

Dalreoch - Ecclefechan Oolong Tea

The first Scottish Oolong Tea! What more to say! A real achievement and a lot of effort in the making! Everything about this tea is enticing and exciting. Before even getting to brewing, the bold and large leaves themselves are intriguing and unique.

Once brewed, there are two distinct layers of flavour to expect. Initially, embrace the sweetness, which shows hints of floral and vanilla. Then, at the back of the palate, enjoy the deeper, subtle peat and vegetal notes. As these little complexities enchant you, sit back and appreciate the warm, rounded, evenly balanced profiles which make this a tea to savour.


Garrocher TeasGarrocher - Cherry & Blossom Scottish Green Tea

Perhaps the springiest of Spring Teas?? This limited blend from Garrocher is just a cup full of happiness and all things seasonal!! At the heart of this blend is beautiful, delicate Scottish Green Tea. In perfect harmony, there are bursts of fruit, and hints of sweet and sour Cherry, paired with very subtle floral notes, that make this a tea to dance with! The dry leaf appearance is large, exciting and colourful. Brew with some care to release the layers of flavour and surprise!


Isle of Lismore Grown in Scotland

Isle of Lismore Tea - Scottish Sencha

One of Scotland’s newest Tea Gardens, and recently featured in our #brewdaytuesday feed on Facebook (link). This VERY limited edition tea is incredibly good! A real skill to produce such fine and delicate Sencha style tea leaves, absolutely crammed with flavour and Scottish freshness.

Expect long vegetal notes, with a degree of salinity and gentle bitter, grassy flavours. The quality arises from the earthy, sweet and deep warming fruity flavours. The essence of true Sencha has been captured in this tea, and with the love and attention it deserves, a palate full of fresh, complex flavours awaits. There are certain aspects of Sencha one hopes to experience when drinking it. To bring out these flavours, care and attention MUST be taken during brewing - the leaves are very delicate.


 Isle of Arran Grown in Scotland

Isle of Arran Tea - Hojicha

Also one of Scotland’s newest Tea Gardens, this Hojicha from the Isle of Arran is truly something very unique and special. The depth and range of flavours from this tea is literally outstanding.

You could be forgiven for not recognising this Hojicha as a Green Tea. The skill in processing has replaced the expected vegetal flavours, with complex aromas that will surprise and perhaps even astonish. There are lasting and long flavours of roasted nut and toffee with just a hint of salinity and vegetative freshness. The depth of flavour is a joy, and the resounding impact of the almost peanut brittle like flavours, leaves you wanting more and more.




The Wee Team

There's always a tea in team.

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