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Hand Blending Premium Tea in Scotland since 2012 for the finest 5 Star Hotels, Cafes & Customers In The World...

Top 7 Tea Tasting Box

Tea Tasting Gift Box

Top 7 Tea Tasting Box Open
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You are going to love a cup of THIS...

TEA TASTING GIFT BOX. Try All Top 7 Favourite Teabags!

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The Wee Tea Company is a Scottish company that is known for producing high-quality breakfast teas. Wee Tea Company blends are carefully crafted to provide a perfect start to the day, with a rich, full flavour and a bold, invigorating aroma.

The Wee Tea Company “Tea Taster Pack” offers a range of 7 luxury teabags (individually wrapped for freshness) including 1 Breakfast Blend, 1 Earl Grey, 1 Gunpowder Green, 1 Rhubarb, 1 Peppermint, 1 Camomile & 1 Decaf Breakfast. Enjoy our selection of flavourful 7 teas to make the perfect tea tasting pack. Perfect for family, friends or for yourself! Trying our tea tasting pack is the perfect way to sample our wide range of tea blends, one teabags at a time! One of the standout features of The Wee Tea Company’s teas is the use of premium, hand-selected tea leaves. These leaves are sourced from some of the finest tea estates around the world, ensuring that the final product is of the highest quality. The Wee Tea Company takes pride in using traditional methods to hand blend their teas, ensuring that each cup is full of flavour and character. If you’re a fan of luxury teas found in the finest 5 star hotels, cafes & venues in the world, The Wee Tea Company is definitely worth checking out. The Wee Tea Company’s commitment to quality and tradition makes their teas stand out from the crowd and ensures that every cup is a true delight. Whether you’re enjoying a cuppa on your own or sharing with friends and family, The Wee Tea Company’s blends are sure to become a staple in your tea rotation.  

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See Individual Tea Wraps for details.
Brew each biodegradable 95c for 2-3 mins.
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Black Tea


Contains caffeine


3 Minutes




Multi Origin


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