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We recommend in-cup mug infusers for loose leaf tea, stainless steel teabag squeezer for teabags & matching black tea caddies for storing fresh tea.

Just Ginger Pieces Wee Box
Just Ginger Pieces Big Bag
Loose Leaf Tea Mug Infuser

You are going to love a cup of

JUST GINGER. Perfectly sweet fiery ginger cubes!

How would we describe JUST GINGER?
“Dried ginger pieces for making tea are like cheeky little spice wizards – they lurk in your teapot, and when you least expect it, they unleash their fiery flavours, giving your taste buds a kick they never saw coming. They’re the mischievous secret agents of your tea party, adding a dash of gingerlicious intrigue to every sip. So mind your teacup, and watch out for these undercover ginger pieces; they might just spice up your teatime in ways you never imagined. Cheers to a cuppa that’s as fierce as it is flavourful!”


Perfectly sweet fiery ginger cubes!

Enjoy these sweet ginger pieces for a warming comforting experience. If you’re a fan of the sweet fruity caffeine-free flavours then another tea that might interest you is our award winning Rhubarb Rooibos. We highly recommend a visit to the Signet Library Edinburgh who do the most delicious Afternoon Tea! Find out more HERE.  

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Magic Tea Pot for Brewing Loose Leaf TeaMug InfuserFor Life Loose Leaf Teapot with Infuser  
Ginger Cubes
Use 1 Teaspoon per cup – Great hot or cooled and poured over ice
This classic fiery ginger tea will warm your soul.
Treat yourself

"Spice up your brew with aromatic dried ginger pieces!"


Fruit & Herbal Infusion


Does not contain caffeine


3-5 Minutes




Multi Origin


You Brew and Have your Say…