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  • Rooibos South African Rooibos Infusion

    Redbush Rooibos Tea

    Native to the Western Cape of South Africa, this Red Bush tea is full of flavour and great intentions. Ideal if you are pregnant or avoiding caffeine!
  • Rhubarb Flavour Rooibos Rhubarb Rooibos
    This Rhubarb fruit tea brews a delightful light pink colour, and although this may sound mad – it tastes pink too! Gorgeous sweet and smooth rhubarb flavours pop around the mouth releasing just a hint of sour too. This fruity Rooibos infusion is a lot of fun, and almost brings back memories of Rhubarb and custard sweets!
  • Cherry & Berry Flavour Rooibos cherry & berry rooibos
    South African Rooibos lends itself well to fruity additions. Cherries and Berries offer both sweet and sharp flavours to enhance the brilliance of Rooibos, without detracting from it. Perfect for those who enjoy a full flavoured fruity herbal experience. Lot's of fun - and no sugar in sight!