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  • Gunpowder Gunpowder Green Tea

    Gunpowder Green Tea

    A refreshing and bright Chinese Green Tea, with layers of flavour. Green Tea is usually brewed multiple times - so make the most of these large leaves. Brew lightly to enjoy the fruity and almost peppery flavours. Described as Gunpowder- due to the 'ball' like shapes the tea leaves are rolled into- it is a joy to watch them open up as they brew. Brew with care to discover the sweeter side of Green Tea.
  • Earl Green Earl Green Tea

    Earl Green Tea

    A Green Tea take on classic Earl Grey. Enjoy the benefits of Green Tea, with a big hug from the Bergamot Oil flavour we associate with Earl Grey.
  • Mango Flavour Green Tea Mango Green Tea

    Mango Green Tea

    Flavoured Green Tea has become one of the most quickly growing areas of the Tea industry. Here, we have flavoured this Chinese Green Tea with delicate sweet notes of Mango. Just enough to sweeten the impact on the palate,, but without taking away from the Green Tea.
  • Japanese Sencha Japanese Green Tea

    Japanese Sencha Green Tea

    A staple Japanese Green tea, that offers an alternative flavour sensation to Chinese Green Tea. Sencha is light, very refreshing and more delicate on the palate than it's Chinese counterpart.