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Dalreoch Teas

Dalreoch Teas


Tea is fundamental to good morale and we felt confident we could bring the subject home to Scotland.

Wee Tea Plants - Photo Credit Wee Tea PlantationWhere?

Dalreoch sits in the heart of Scotland in Perthshire, not too far from Dunkeld.

Number of plants:

After an initial stock of 2,000 we have increased to 14,000 in total.

Type of tea plants:

Type of tea plants: Mainly Camellia sinenis sinensis and Camellia sinensis assamica with other smaller stocks of tea making Camellia.



Freshly Picked Tea Leaves - Photo Credit Wee Tea Plantation


lowest temperature -10C highest temperature +32C. Acidic previously untilled soil with very good natural drainage and fed by a Scottish mountain spring. Rain fall and/or cloud cover for +170 days of the year.

When harvested:

Very first flush of the year is on February 14th and then through to September.

Tea - Photo Credit Wee Tea Plantation

Unique quality of the teas grown at Dalreoch:

Because the plants are under stress for the majority of the harvesting period they naturally produce a finer leaf quality. Combinations of the very clean Scottish mountain air and the nutrient rich soil allow for a smooth and undiluted fruitier flavours. Our first flush is always the sweetest but throughout the growing season the vegetative notes of heather and slow growing flavours of rich peat based soil.


Our smoked tea has both the smooth fruitier tones but combines those with the most subtle smoke known with locally felled beech wood (the lightest flavour of smoke outside of fruit tree based lumber). This allows the flavour of the white tea to come through without being masked the way some smoked teas can be and still combine well with a peaty aroma - almost whisky-like in the final analysis.








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