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Why would you give someone a gift of tea??

The simple answer is that everyone loves tea! Well lots of people do…maybe not quite everyone.

Tea can come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes it’s nice to introduce friends, family, teachers or loved ones to a new brand, or flavour and allow them to expand their tea horizons. Often the best way to do that, is to offer a gift of tea, a premium tea, in some lovely packaging.

The other great thing about giving tea as a gift, is that you can shop for some nice accessories to go with tea. Perhaps a teapot, or a mug infuser or even a nice cup.

Better still, the prefect tea gift requires some sweet treats alongside it….some nice biscuits or shortbread!

A gift of tea says that you know the person you’re buying for, which can also make it quite a personal gift.

Especially, if you have done some homework and found out the type of tea the person enjoys. 

Loose leaf tea as a gift, could be a first for some people. Many of us are so used to dropping a teabag in a cup…but in our experience, many people who receive loose tea as a gift, have gone on to become regular customers of ours…they haven’t looked back!

Alternatively, teabags when packaged well, can also make a beautiful tea gift. Our luxury leaf tea bag selection boxes, are always hugely popular as a  perfect tea gift. 

Often, the words we hear in our shop are..“oh that’d make a nice gift… something a bit different.” Or, “I suppose tea does make a nice gift….it’s so hard coming up with ideas of what to get someone.. especially someone who needs nothing”.

It is true, many times we have been told our tea gifts have offered something of a get out of jail free card!

Maybe the most thoughtful thing about giving a gift of tea, is that it could come with an offer of sharing a cup with the recipient. The time and company for the recipient may prove even more popular than the tea itself! 

So there….a few good reasons to give a gift of tea.

Derek, Jamie & Fraser

The Wee Tea Company

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