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Hand Blending Premium Tea in Scotland since 2012 for the finest 5 Star Hotels, Cafes & Customers In The World...


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Forth Coffee Mug

Perfect everyday Coffee Mug

The Wee Tea Company loves this Branded mug from Forth Coffee Roasters. Treat yourself or your coffee loving friends and family.

Buy just one or splash out and buy yourself a set so you can always have your coffee from a great mug, whatever the occasion.

Can also be used for tea.

This Mug comes in three sizes – Espresso | 8 fl oz. | 12oz.


Why not treat yourself to some Forth Coffee finely roasted Beans or Grounds, there is a delightful range to choose from in our Coffee Shop.


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Tea Type





Multi Origin

The professional brewer’s choice…

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Pyramid Tea Bag Promise

Question: Are your pyramid tea bags degradable? Answer: YES.

Question: Are your pyramid teabags compostable? Answer: YES.

Polylactic acid or PLA is a thermoplastic aliphatic polyester derived from renewable resources, such as corn starch, tapioca roots, chips or starch, or sugarcane. This is degradable and is considered compostable. PLA doesn’t disappear overnight, it requires a good temperature to help it degrade. This is why we recommend that you put used pyramid tea bags into your local council compost and don’t just throw them in the garden.

If you really want to help the environment we suggest you use loose leaf teas.

We offer more variety of loose leaf teas and loose blends are always less expensive than our tea pyramids.