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Christmas Gift Ideas for 2022

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What is the best gift EVER…? At the Wee Tea Company we think its the simple things in life that matter this year, more than ever. We explore why we think quality time & a conversation with your friends & family (and a great cuppa tea of course) could just be the answer we all need this year…


Find comfort & joy this Christmas in simply giving “The Gift Of Time”, this is what we all want. Get sharing stories & feelings, talking about dreams & aspirations, and ask questions to get to know each other a little better (with a delicious warming tea of course to warm the soul).

As we approach the colder winter months, many people will be getting lonely as they hibernate safe & warm at home (often on their own) so the best gift we can always give is … “The Gift Of Time”. Pop in to a friend or family member who may be lonely. A kind listening caring ear to those who are truly alone, or someone needing just a friend to share some great stories with, can often work wonders for the person. Can we all do more to help a friend in need? Do we have family members who would love to see your smiling face for a chat with a wee cuppa tea? The answer is usually yes.

We often say “A Cup Of Tea Solves Everything” at the Wee Tea Company, and while it may not solve all our troubles & woes, taking time out with friends and family to “Enjoy Little Moments of Joy” often makes you feel better and can put a much needed smile on any face.


As Christmas is almost upon us, there is little doubt that 2022 has seen the world change significantly with the pandemic changing people’s lives and health, while hugely changing mindsets too with all the recent economic and political changes too. Perhaps a true gift for 2022, could be supporting others struggling in the face of adverse mental health? The Wee Tea Company proudly launched our ChariTea Promise in 2022, supporting those in the local community we could support with time, tea or charity donations.

Who can you help this Christmas with their mental health? Write a hand written Christmas Card reaching out to them, or give them a call to ask how they are, or a simple text message to “check in” can mean everything. Asking “How Are You?” could just save a life for someone struggling.


At the Wee Tea Company, we truly believe there is so much more to tea. In the UK, we love a wee cuppa tea on our own, and with others too! Drinking tea can be a social moment with family or friends, a time to just stop, or can help with much needed recovery & relaxation.

It is about what we do with the tea with others that can often change lives. Sharing time over a cup of tea with someone is often the best gift ever. Sometime the simplest little things in life are always the best gift.


At the Wee Tea Company we have spent months getting creative, blending up our best tea ever & producing really cool Christmas Gifts for 2022! No need to break the bank, we think our little gifts of tea, coffee & treats are just the perfect way to treat a loved one!

Christmas Gift Ideas That Your Friends & Family Will Love! 13 for 2 on Wee Hamper Gift Boxes (RRP £5)

Christmas Gift Ideas That Your Friends & Family Will Love! 2Iron Brew (RRP £8) Loose Leaf Tea

Christmas Gift Ideas That Your Friends & Family Will Love! 33 for £24 Luxury Gift Boxes (RRP £10)

Magic TeapotThe Magic Teapot (RRP £20)

Christmas Gift Ideas That Your Friends & Family Will Love! 4Loose Leaf Tea Box & Mug Infuser £15.


Christmas Gift Ideas That Your Friends & Family Will Love! 5Wee Tea Company Gift Card

If you are really stuck, and not sure what type of tea to give? Don’t worry, we have the answer. The Wee Tea Company can help this Christmas with e-Gift Cards, available to load from £5 – £500. Available now at

GIFT CARD OFFER! An EXTRA special gift for you lovely people this Christmas! We are currently offering you a £5 gift card (direct into your inbox) when you buy a £50 Gift Card for a loved one, or get a £10 gift card (direct in your inbox) you when you purchase a £100 Gift Card for a loved one online. A treat for you, a treat for them. Lovely!


The Wee Tea Club

Subscription Tea Club from The Wee Tea CompanyWEE TEA CLUB (from only £7.50)

The Wee Tea Club Monthly Membership Subscription is the perfect gift for serious tea lovers. From just £7.50 per month, we will post 30, 60 or 90 cups of tea in a slim postal box that fits through any standard letter box. No need to wait for the courier! Choose a favourite tea or pick “Surprise Me” option, chosen by Fraser, our in-house tea blender!

Everyone who joins the Wee Tea Club in 2022 will get 1 free Mug Infuser (RRP £8) & 1 free Storage Caddy (RRP £5) in the first month – as a thank you for joining our VIP Tea Membership. What a treat for as a gift for a friend or family, you can choose which address to send the tea each month, and you can cancel or pause the membership at any time!

Thank you for reading. We hope you love our 2022 Christmas Gifts! Stay safe & enjoy some quality time out this season friends & family with a delicious wee cuppa tea!

Martin, Derek, Jamie, Fraser & Vince.


Give the Gift of Tea and Time
this Christmas...

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