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Glenburn Teas


Our legacy of tea planting stretches back more than a hundred years over five generations of the Prakash ‘Chaiwala’ family. Our tea estates, nestled against the eternal Himalayas in Darjeeling and expanding out over the fertile plains of Assam, offer the very best of Indian teas. Each morning, hundreds of women from our villages set out to pick tender tea shoots, a thousand of which make just a pound of tea.

Only the most delicate of fingers ensure that the leaves are not bruised during picking, so that the exquisite flours, nurtured by the rich soil, life-giving rains and warm sunshine, remain pure. All stages in the manufacture of Glenburn tea are lovingly guided by hand, by the people who have lived and worked on the land making our award-winning tea for generations. Skills passed from mother to daughter, and father to son; no shortcuts, meticulous attention to details, and a passionate commitment to the highest levels of quality.

Experience Glenburn Tea…….there’s true craftsmanship in every cup.

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