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Black Friday Christmas Tea Offers

Black Friday Christmas Tea Offers

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Make the most of Black Friday Christmas Tea Offers now!

To help you make the most of our Black Friday Christmas Tea offers,  we have really pushed out the boat and tried to make a huge gesture, with some fabulous Black Friday offers. Christmas tea gifts can make such a fabulous Christmas present, and we urge you to give the gift of tea and YOUR time this year. It’s been a rough year, and someone close may just really appreciate a sit down, a chat and a brew – be it in person or over a video call.

With that in mind, we have tried to come up with some great Christmas tea blends this year, and now we are offering a unique chance to make the most of some great Black Friday offers.

As a small business, we are perhaps up against it more than ever this year, as we desperately try to compete with the world’s retail giants. It is likely people will shop online more than ever this year, which is why Black Friday deals are so important to businesses. The crazy fact is that Black Friday no longer exists – most retailers have had their deals on for some time already, and indeed nowadays it seems Black Friday is actually more like a fortnight long sale. 

For that reason, we have had little option but to jump on the bandwagon, and hence we have already launched our Black Friday sale.

What is Black Friday?

A phenomenon launched in the United States, in Philadelphia, thought to have started in the early 1960’s, Black Friday is the name given to a weekend shopping frenzy, normally on the Friday following Thanksgiving. It also marks the start of the Christmas Holiday season in the USA. More recently, retailers have witnessed crazy scenes, and often stampeding, as shoppers spend hours queuing, waiting for store to open, to make sure the best deals are snapped up quickly. These articles gives lot of detail on the phenomenon and its history.

What can you expect from The Wee Tea Company this year?

Firstly, we’d recommend you have a look at our online Christmas Tea Gift shop –

Here you can familiarise yourself with our Christmas Tea Blends. These include Christmas Chai, Gingerbread Tea and Mulled Berry Infusion.

From this page you can also see our three main Black Friday offers which include buying two luxury pyramid gift boxes to receive a free box of Darjeeling, three for two offers and perhaps the biggest giveaway – a selection box of 8 flavours of tea for the price of 5. A huge reduction from £40 to £25.

More than ever before we, like many retailers will be relying on strong Christmas Sales, having had a barren year with our business actually closed for most of the lockdown period. Recently, we used a strapline – BUY LOCAL or BYE LOCAL. In many ways, this is a very accurate description of what most small businesses and retailers are experiencing at the moment. There is little doubt that the next 12 months are going to be crucial for business if we are going to see any kind of economic recovery. So many businesses are crying out for people to shop locally, be patient and give smaller companies the chance to thrive, or quite simply put – they will cease to exist. 

Perhaps the deals we offer like our fellow small businesses are not as mind blowing as the Retail Giants, but believe us when we say, we are pushing the boat out to compete and offer the best possible deals to our customers this Black Friday. 

We also won’t apologise if we can’t get your parcel to you the next day (or same day for that matter), but be rest assured we will be going out of way to your order to you as quickly as we can.

Unfortunately, we also can’t leave these Black Friday deals running indefinitely, so please be aware that once the earmarked stock is gone – it is gone! So don’t dilly dally – if you see something you like – crack on and buy it now to make sure you make the most of these fabulous Black Friday offers.

Enjoy our Christmas spectacular sale – we’ll be in touch soon!

Derek, Jamie & Fraser

The Wee Tea Company



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