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Launching Retail tea Pyramids

Whether you're a pub, restaurant, cafe, farm shop, deli, catering college, hotel, beauty salon or spa owner and want to serve loose leaf tea or retail loose leaf tea we think you will love partnering with The Wee Tea Company.

"Would you believe 40% of all fluid drunk in the UK is Tea?

Are you getting the most profit from your tea sales?"

- Purchase wholesale tea online and then serve loose tea or tea bags
- Source and serve loose leaf tea blended in Scotland
- Serve silk tea pyramids manufactured in Scotland
- Browse this site for tea to buy adding seasonal specials to your tea menu
- Buy tea online 24/7
- Access to FREE Training and FREE advice to make sure you are serving your tea in the best way for your business

Tea Cup Trade Tea Site

The Wee Tea Company specialise in tearista training to give your staff the confidence to brew great quality loose leaf tea.

It is our aim to offer you the best quality loose leaf tea and tea pyramids, for you to sell at the most affordable price to your customers at the greatest profit to you.

We recommend the most popular tea blends so that you don't bamboozle your customers with too much choice.

We don't add any artificial flavourings or colours and where possible our teas are organic and we can trace the tea to origin.

Introduce your customers to the most popular loose leaf tea blends with The Wee Tea Company, we've done the research so you don't have to find out what tea sells and what teas sit on the shelf.

For more information on becoming a Wee Tea Company stockist to sell Award Winning high quality tea to your customer complete the form above or give us a call today on 07860 933 832.

 Whoelsale Tea for Tea Servers


To gain access to wholesale tea prices you will need to have a Trade Account.

"I already have a TRADE Account" - CLICK HERE TO LOG IN

"I'd Like a TRADE Account" - THREE STEPS

1.  You need you to create a BASIC Account before we can upgrade it to a TRADE Account.

CLICK HERE to create your BASIC Account.

2.  SECOND - When you have created your account let us know on 07860 933 832 or email info@weeteacompany.com.

3.  FINALLY - We will manualy upgrade your BASIC Account to a TRADE Account so that you can see wholesale tea prices.

If you have any general enquiries please call 07860 933 832