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First Flush Dalreoch White Tea
1st Flush Dalreoch White Tea

1st Flush Dalreoch White Tea

We were thrilled to receive a limited batch of a very special tea last week. The first flush of White Tea from Dalreoch Tea Garden and The Wee Tea Plantation. For those who are unsure, what exactly is first flush tea though?

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Mothers Day Blog
What does this Mum want for Mothers Day?

Mothers Day Tea Blog 2017

If I could choose a Mother’s Day gift it would be to have a few more hours in the day, and to feel a little less stressed. We are all guilty of trying to pack loads into the day; housework, laundry, gardening, work, kids, shopping, cooking, friends, family, leisure activities – there sometimes just aren’t enough hours. And what do we do when we get a little down time?

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Growing Tea in Scotland

Garrocher Grey Tea
Dalreoch - Scottish White Tea
Isle of Mull - Scottish Antler Tea

Wee Tea Company - Tea Grown in Scotland